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„It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how nature is. Physics concerns what we can say about nature.“ (Niels Bohr: „Atomic Theory and the Description of Nature“, 1931)

Accredited Radiunuclide Laboratory and Radiation Safety Consultants

Since its foundation in 1993, IAF-Radioökologie GmbH (IAF) has become a leading radionuclide laboratory and interdisciplinary radiation safety and radon consultancy. IAF is trusted by private organisations, regulators, authorities and governments in Germany and worldwide.

Our outstanding reputation rests on superior quality of our laboratory for more than 20 years, state-of-the-art analytical technology, advanced radiochemical methods. Our focus is on highest precision and reliability of results delivered and the conclusions drawn from them by us and our customers. Our laboratory stands out by client-oriented, flexible sample logistics, very short turnaround time and comprehensive client service. We go far beyond mere analytics and provide bespoke, scientific interpretation of the laboratory results.

As a leading nuclide laboratory and consultancy in the field of natural and artificial radioactivity as well as in the field of indoor and outdoor radon, IAF has been, and continues to be, involved in numerous high profile R&D projects, e.g., for the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. Our innovative measurement and analytical methods are accepted by regulatory authorities and set new standards, for example in the highly efficient test procedures for surface contamination to clear/release materials from regulatory control (total alpha contamination or large amounts of metallic scrap) or in-situ techniques to determine the specific activity of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials).

Our nuclide laboratory is accredited under ISO 17025:2005. IAF has also been recognised by the Saxon State Ministry for Social and Consumer Protection as an official monitoring agency according to Art. 15 of the Ordinance on Drinking Water Quality (2001).

The symbiosis of high end consulting competence and radiochemical experience combined with our comprehensive range of capabilities for sampling, in-situ measurements (especially in the field of indoor and outdoor radon) and other field work allows us to support our clients and provide one-stop, site-specific solutions to their radiological problems.

In the field of radon measurement and assessment, IAF operates an extensive range of measurement devices including numerous electronic radon monitors. IAF is one of the few companies in this specialised field holding an accreditation for measurement of indoor radon concentration. Because of the high requirements on quality management and more than 20 years of experience in the field of radon measurements, IAF is not only an ideal partner for the characterization of the radon situation in buildings, but also for planning of radon mitigation measures in existing and new buildings, and for mining and industrial processes and residues.

IAF is embedded in national and international networks and contributes to expert working groups in a number of fields, such as the development of guidelines and methodological recommendations. This ensures continued professional development at a high technical level. For example, IAF experts have been involved in the development of the recommendations on analysis methods for the amended Drinking Water Ordinance (November 2015). IAF has also been instrumental in developing the European ALARA Network for NORM (EANNORM). Senior staff of IAF are continuously involved in working groups of the German-Swiss Professional Association for Radiation Protection (Fachverband Strahlenschutz e.V.) and the IAEA, (e.g., IAEA ENVIRONET, IAEA ENVIRONET NORMDetermination of Environmental Remediation End States (DERES)). This ensures that our professional staff are abreast of new developments at all times.

News, Events
IAF, with WISUTEC and other European companies, is involved in the environmental impact study and the planning of remediation measures in Mailuu Suu (Kyrgyzstan). The project is financed by the European Commission (INSC MC4.01/14).

The 5th European Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IPRA) will take place from the 4th to the 8th July 2018 in Den Haag (NL). Dr. Kunze of IAF will offer a refresher course on "Environmental Remediation: From Site Characterisation to the End State".

The project TRANSPOND (Transboundary Pollution after Natural Disasters: Monitoring and Information System for Radioactive Pollution) is implemented by IAF-Radioökologie, WISUTEC and the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal; IAF ist the consortium leader. The project is financially supported by the CLIENT II Programme of the German Ministry of Education and Research (FKZ 03G0879A). More information is available from

IAF, in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory (USA) has developed the IAEA e-learning course "Planning for Environmental Remediation", Module 4: "End State and Future Use Determination" (registration required).

IAF has been awarded the R&D project "Verification of air tightness measurements as a proxy for radon tightness of newbuilds" by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). The objective of the project is to verify the practical applicability of the so-called blower door method for the assessment of the radon situation in buildings and to lay the scientific foundations for the practical application of the method.

IAF is involved in a leading position in the project "Regulatory regime for nuclear safety and enhancing radiation safety and nuclear safeguards in Mongolia (MN3.01/12)" that is funded by the European Commission under the INSC (Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation) programme. Dr. Kunze of IAF is the Technical Team Leader of the project.

The 9th EANNORM Workshop will be held in December 2018 at the Central Mining Institute of Katowice, Poland. Further information is available here.

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