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IAF explain radioactivity and analytical results to clients


Based on almost three decades of experience and our unique possibilities to seamlessly integrate in-situ measurements, sampling and laboratory radionuclide analyses, we can offer bespoke, comprehensive consulting services in the field of radiation safety and the interpretation of testing results. Our range of consulting services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Modelling of atmospheric dispersion of dust, aerosols and radon using ARTM (Langrangian particle track model of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, based on AUSTAL2000).
  • Radionuclide balance of industrial processes (e.g., chemical plants, combustion etc.).
  • Dose assessment for NORM residues (e.g., in the oil & gas industry, water utilities) according to Art. 28 of the German Radiation Protection Ordinance Release of NORM residues from regulatory control (Art. 29-30 of the German Radiation Protection Ordinance).
  • Independent professional advice and dose assessment reports for NORM workplaces (Art. 55 of the German Radiation Protection Act).
  • Radon measurements, interpretation of results, dose assessment and mitigation measures in homes, public buildings and at workplaces, especially in radon-affected areas.
  • Remediation plans for radioactively contaminated sites (Art. 164 of the German Radiation Protection Ordinance).

IAF is regularly involved in research, development and consulting projects in order to help solve challenges in the areas of radionuclide analysis, radiation safety and radon protection. Selected examples include the following:

  • Investigation of the relationship between the activity concentration of radon, radon progeny and aerosol concentration in the particle size range from approx. 4 nm and larger, at workplaces (with TROPOS Leipzig, client: BfS).
  • Determination of the time-dependent source term of fugitive dust at NORM facilities (with Brenk Systemplanung Aachen and Lohmeyer Dresden, client: BfS).
  • Investigation of the effects of cold airstreams on the radon concentration at uranium waste rock dumps (with IFU Frankenberg, client: Wismut GmbH).
  • Estimation of public exposure due to airborne and aqueous discharges from NORM industries (client: BfS).
  • Determination of radon-affected areas in Thuringia (with JENA-GEOS, Jena, client: TLUBN).
  • Development of a sampling plan for the determination of nuclide vectors on samples from the decommissioning of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, Bulgaria (client: DIAL, Sofia, Bulgaria).

IAF advises governments and authorities on the development of guidelines and ordinances within the framework of international projects, for example in Mongolia (regulations and guidelines for uranium production and natural radioactivity), in Mozambique (regulations for NORM industries and the extraction of mineral sands, with Fichtner Mining and Environment), or in the development of uranium mining provisions in Ukraine's new Subsoil Use Code (with Projekt-Consult GmbH, Hamburg).


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