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What we do

For more than 25 years IAF has been determining radioactivity in nearly every matrix. We take samples and measure radioactivity in our ISO 17025:2018 accredited laboratory and in-situ, we interpret the results and assist our clients as experts and independent consultants. Besides, IAF advises clients in the increasingly important field of communication and public information related to radioactivity.

Scientific training, experience, quality and trustful collaboration with our clients are the foundations of our work.

Our flexible sample logistics allows us to process and analyse samples day and night, and during week-ends. We care for your samples and ensure short turnaround if required even during times of high workload.

We are available for you, for your samples and your questions, at any time.


IAF determines biogenic carbon using our accredited LSC method for C-14. With our flexible accreditation under DIN ISO EN 17025:2018 we fully compliant with Art. 34 (1) of Directive 2018/2066/EC.

IAF contributes the uranium-specific parts (radiation safety, security, Safeguards) to the new Subsoil Code of Ukraine. The EC-funded project (EuropeAid/139947/DH/SER/UA) is implemented by a consortium led by Projekt-Consult, Hamburg.

IAF is part of the consortium DUB-GEM (Development of a UAV (drone) based gamma spectrometry for the exploration and monitoring of uranium mining legacies). Consortium members include the German Federal Agency for Geo-Sciences and Resources (BGR), IAF and Third Element Aviation. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research under contract no. 01LZ1706C and maintains a close collaboration with the IAEA's CGULS program (Co-Ordination Group for Uranium Legacy Sites).