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For many years IAF has been a highly acclaimed service provider of radon-related services. IAF is accredited for the measurement of indoor radon concentration under ISO 17025. Our staff includes officially Certified Radon Experts. IAF is an Approved Body for radon measurements according to Art. 155 of the German Radiation Protection Ordinance. Our services include:

  • Determination of the radon potential of soil prior construction, and radon measurements during/after construction
  • Test of the radon tightness (radon diffusion coefficient) of building materials such as liners, collars etc. using a double-chamber method equivalent to DIN ISO 11665-13
  • Determination of the radon exhalation rate of materials
  • Blower Door Tests equivalent to DIN ISO EN 13829
  • Consulting and independent advice on radon in public and private buildings

Depending on the site and problem specific requirements we use radon monitors and/or radon solid state track etching detectors of renowned suppliers. IAF operates more than 80 active radon monitors. This enables us to implement even the most complex indoor radon characterisation tasks.