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„It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how nature is. Physics concerns what we can say about nature.“ (Niels Bohr: „Atomic Theory and the Description of Nature“, 1931)

Accredited Radiunuclide Laboratory and Radiation Safety Consultants

For 25 years IAF has been measuring natural and artificial radionuclides and offering advice on radiation protection. We work in many areas, including but not limited to the following:

Since 2005 our laboratory has been accredited according to ISO EN DIN 17025:2005. It is notified by the Saxon Ministry for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection and is an officially listed test laboratory for drinking water according to Art. 15 (4) of the Drinking Water Ordinance of Germany. Our customers include companies, governmental authorities and private clients.

IAF’s services go beyond the determination of radionuclides. They comprise scientific interpretation of the test results, explaining their practical relevance and complexity to our clients if so requested. Our laboratory results and consulting are of uncompromised quality. Our sample logistics is highly flexible and allows our customers to deliver samples at virtually any time day and night, and at weekends. Even during times of high workload we have opportunities to reduce the turnaround time of urgent samples according to our customers’ requirements.

In the field of radon measurements IAF prides itself of an impressive equipment fleet including a large number of dynamic radon monitors. IAF is one of the few companies that are accredited for indoor radon measurements. This not only makes IAF an ideal partner for radon investigations in buildings but also as the preferred advisor for radon protection and mitigation in existing and new buildings.

Collaboration in national and international networks (e.g., Radiation Protection Association of Germany and Switzerland, IAEA Environet/NORM, IAEA CGULS), involvement in R&D projects and work in technical committees ensure the continued training and professional development of our staff members. For example, IAF is founding member of the European NORM Association (ENA) that has been formed by merging the European ALARA Network for NORM (EANNORM, founded by IAF) and EU NORM.

News, Events
IAEA Webinar on Dose Assessments in NORM-affected industries
Dr. Kunze, Managing Partner of IAF, will hold the next IAEA Webinar on "Realistic Dose Assessment in Industrial Activities involving NORM". The webinar will be held in collaboration with the European NORM Association (ENA). For details and the link to the webinar, see here.

IAF has been awarded the R&D project "Verification of air tightness measurements as a proxy for radon tightness of newbuilds" by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). The objective of the project is to verify the practical applicability of the so-called blower door method for the assessment of the radon situation in buildings and to lay the scientific foundations for the practical application of the method.

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